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Well, that could have gone better

So much for being friends.

Glad to know that you valued me so highly that you can throw me away so easily.

I'm not going to stick around and listen to your whining that I'm condescending. You want condescending, look in the mirror.

Good luck in life or whatever.

Trippy stuff.

So my friend dragged me along to this hypnosis show tonight. Somehow I ended up as one of the volunteers. What I remember and what apparently actually happened are two completely different things. What I remember didn't happen at all. So now I have a 2 hour gap in my memory that's a complete blank. Mindfuuuuuuuuuck.





I realize I didn't spazz out quite as much as when "Perfection" came out but HOLY FUCKING SHIT, THIS SONG IS FUCKING AMAZING.


It's so beautiful, I can't even... ;^; They have the voices of Heaven, pure and simple.

BRB off to collect my heart in a pail, as it melted into a sappy puddle of goo.


So, totally going off of an idea that I got from an ELF at SMTOWN, I made a Super Junior shirt! :D It was super fun, even though I had to use a man's shirt because that's the only one Walmart had in "sapphire blue" lol. Check it out below, and tell me what you think~~

Help Japan!

In case you haven't noticed, there's a massive amount of charity going on right now for the victims of the Japan earthquake/tsunami, and the livejournal community is no different. Right now, there's an auction going on at the help_japan community, and it goes on until... next Saturday, I do believe. March 26. In any case, people are offering a ton of things -- from fanfiction to food -- in return for donations. How it works is, a person makes a thread on one of the topics over at the Help Japan community, and then promotes is as best they can, in order to get bids. The highest bidder on the 26th will then be notified that they won the bid, as well as the offerer, and then the bidder will show proof that they've donated via screenshot. And then they get whatever it is they auctioned for!

I'm afraid that as much as I'd love to, I can't afford to donate anything at the moment. My university is switching quarters and I have to buy books and pay my fees. But, I've decided to help in a different way, by offering a fanfiction! You can check out my auction thread HERE.

If you can't donate either, join the thousands of others who are offering things! And even if you can't do any of that, at least help spread the word! Link the Help Japan comm to your facebook or to your twitter. Every little bit helps!

Exams week

So, it's exams week for me. And I took my Korean exam today and did about as well as I hoped. I got an A!!! :D I'm so happy. I mean, the written exam was a piece of cake, but I'm always very intimidated when it comes to the oral exam because I'm not confident in my speaking skills. But I did okay. :)

Now I just have to write a five page paper that I haven't even started yet and study my ass off for my astronomy exam on Wednesday. I'm so screwed in that class... I had a C at the very end, and I only went to about... 50% of the classes. It was so eaaaaaaaaaarly that I'd oversleep all the time and be like, "Okay forget it whatever." Okay, I know 9:30 isn't very early for a lot of people -- especially for those with classes at 7:30 five days a week -- but it's damn early for me okay? XDDDD So I scheduled all of my classes next quarter for the afternoon instead. :) But anyway, I digress - it's going to take a miracle to get me to scrape by with a C on this astronomy exam. DAMN YOU, STUPID PHYSICS THAT MAKE AN INTERESTING COURSE IRRITATINGLY DIFFICULT. I SIGNED UP FOR THIS CLASS EXPECTING AN EASY A. D:<

In other news, my friend showed me a Thai band called X I S. I've been addicted to the song "Reverse" and been listening to it on repeat. The rapper in it is Korean, but none of them can dance. XDDD Oh well, the song is really catchy. Hahaha. If you want to check it out, click here.

Last of all. THIS BITCH needs to die and go to the hell she condemns everyone to. She is preaching that God caused the earthquake the day after Lent started in order to "wake up the athiests and let them know that He exists." She's GLAD the earthquake happened, and even went on to pray for more earthquakes, in Europe and America. If you think that this is going to magically convert the population to Christianity, you're dead wrong, you fucking whore. I don't necessarily consider myself Christian, but I do believe in God. You, little missy, make me seriously consider being an atheist, if what you believe is the definition of Christianity.


There is hope yet!

For two things:

1) I got put on the alternate list for a study abroad scholarship I applied for a couple of months ago. While I'm really disappointed that I didn't get accepted straight on, and there's a chance I won't get it at all, there's still that chance that I can still get in. So I'll be optimistic. If I get it, I'll get to go to Korea this summer and the government will pay for it all. If not, I'll have to wait till my junior year, and I'll have to pay for it myself, but at least I'll still get to go. And there's always next year, too.

2) MY ASTRONOMY GRADE IS STILL AT A C. But my professor said if I can score at LEAST a B on the rest of the homework/quizzes for the term, I should be able to pull out of it with a C. That would make me super happy because it wouldn't affect my GPA so much. :D



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