so as of right now, my writing comm has been deactivated. it won't stay that way, i won't let it get purged or anything, but i'm not comfortable letting my fics be read at the moment. i might post them elsewhere in the meantime but i'm just very leery of livejournal at this point. i've tried everything to keep my fics from being stolen and apparently nothing works, so either i just let it lie and just not write anymore or figure something out. i don't know anymore. i haven't even really been writing because i've been in such a slump lately that even if i get ideas i can't get the motivation or focus to sit down and write, and then shit like this happens and it certainly doesn't help.

You know what? I quit.

I'm done. I'm done letting you steal from me. I've done everything in my power to prevent you from stealing my fics. So now I'm going to do the last possible thing I can. I'm going to take them away from you, and from everyone, and just not share them anymore. You've ruined what I enjoy doing because you keep taking my ideas and putting your own little twist on them and then letting everyone believe you're someone you're not.

So you've ruined it for me, and for everyone else. Are you happy? Fuck you.

Update: Sort of hiatus

So I've been a little bit gone for a while (okay who am I kidding, a lot of bit gone). Life's been pretty hectic for me since July -- I was expecting to spend a quiet summer with my dad and my mom and siblings were supposed to join us but my grandfather suddenly passed away and so we spent most of the last days I was in the States doing funeral preparations :( Anyway since I've come to Seoul to study for a year, I've been busy like no one's business, and every time I try to write my roommate decides it's time for a heart-to-heart, hours long conversation and all motivation is lost. :( So that's why I've been mostly gone until now. (I HAVE been working; just mostly unsuccessfully). Luckily once my roommate leaves next month I should be alone until February, and then after that I'm moving to a one-person apartment-room type thing (if you know what a goshiwon is, that's where I'm moving).

UNTIL THEN! I'm trying to finish a couple of fics/updates before next Wedsnesday, where I'll be going on a full-out hiatus for about two weeks. I'm having surgery on my eyes and won't be able to use the computer for about that long, so I'll be disappearing entirely during that time. Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm completely glasses-less! :D So wish me luck~ ★

NOTICE: Change in Friend Policy

In the next couple of days (see: after I get out of the hell that is finals week) I will be moving all of my old fics over to my writing comm. I'd put this off because I'm lazy but yeah. After I do this, I will be unfriending anyone I do not recognize. This journal will be 100% personal, but you can still read my fics over at the comm cinnappo. The adding policy over there will remain the same. If you would like to remain my friend, and I don't know you, shoot me a message! I don't bite. The purpose of this is to keep my personal journal between my friends and I only, and my comm for the general public.

Thanks for your understanding!

Writer's Block: Starstruck

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I met Jake Shimabukuro at the Naval Exchange in Honolulu! OMG my brother embarrassed me too, he was like "you're only here because you think he's hot" and we were at the front of the line to get his autograph =A= He heard my brother and laughed and I was like O//////O;;;;; I've also met the guitarist of Rev Theory, which was entirely less humiliating XD. I got pictures with both!

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What. What is this blasphemy.

Fom Donghae's thanks to in the fifth album:

"After 5jib Super Junior will not be releasing any more albums temporarily .... oppas/hyungs really age quickly."


/sobs in a dark corner