seeeno (seeeno) wrote,

Update: Sort of hiatus

So I've been a little bit gone for a while (okay who am I kidding, a lot of bit gone). Life's been pretty hectic for me since July -- I was expecting to spend a quiet summer with my dad and my mom and siblings were supposed to join us but my grandfather suddenly passed away and so we spent most of the last days I was in the States doing funeral preparations :( Anyway since I've come to Seoul to study for a year, I've been busy like no one's business, and every time I try to write my roommate decides it's time for a heart-to-heart, hours long conversation and all motivation is lost. :( So that's why I've been mostly gone until now. (I HAVE been working; just mostly unsuccessfully). Luckily once my roommate leaves next month I should be alone until February, and then after that I'm moving to a one-person apartment-room type thing (if you know what a goshiwon is, that's where I'm moving).

UNTIL THEN! I'm trying to finish a couple of fics/updates before next Wedsnesday, where I'll be going on a full-out hiatus for about two weeks. I'm having surgery on my eyes and won't be able to use the computer for about that long, so I'll be disappearing entirely during that time. Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm completely glasses-less! :D So wish me luck~ ★
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