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Master Fic List

I always found it immensely helpful when an author had a masterlist readily available, so I'm making one, too. Hopefully it makes navigating my entries a lot easier for you. It also helps me stay organized.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you so choose to, please comment on any fic you read! It's always great to know that your effort and time doesn't go unnoticed, even by just one person. :D



Coming Home (KangTeuk; angst)
All Leeteuk wants is Kangin home for Christmas.

I'm Not Edible (Henry-centric, ninja!HenWook; horror)
His life is like a music box; he goes until he can't go on, and then he is just wound back up, and the same song plays.

Scapegoat (broken!HenWook; angst; Sister fic to "I'm Not Edible")
No matter how hard everyone tries to convince him otherwise, Ryeowook knows it's all his fault.

The Unlikely Bodyguard (HyukHae; fluff)
When Super Junior-M first departs for China, Hyukjae worries.

Distress (ninja!pairings; suspense)
Ryeowook calls Henry to wish him a happy birthday. Henry is confused, because it's not his birthday.

Cheater (KyuMin; supernatural/hurt/comfort)
In which Cho Kyuhyun is a cheater.

봄날 (One Fine Spring Day) (Donghae-centric; family/hurt/comfort)
It seems that even in my heart, a new spring has come...

Memories (Welcome Home) (KangTeuk; supernatural, fluff; Sequel to "Coming Home")
And when the day is done, I'll be waiting here for you, ready to say, "Welcome home."

The Caroler (YeWook; Christmas fluff)
Kim Jongwoon is well known as the resident scrooge, and hasn't celebrated Christmas in 10 years. All it takes is one bright-eyed caroler to change that.


From the Ground (Any pairing; fluff)
They sit on the rooftop, staring up at the sky.

Prompt Drabbles #1 (Various pairings; crack, romance, implied smut)
Cheap, Photographs, Innocence

Prompt Drabbles #2 (Various pairings; crack, fluff, angst)
Boundaries, Catch Me If You Can

Chaptered Fics

Humans versus... Super Junior? (features SHINee, DBSK, BigBang, B2ST, f(x) and 2NE1; crack/humor)
Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter2 Chapter 3
It's the season of Halloween, plus a friendly game a tag, plus Super Junior! Nothing can go wrong... right?
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